A simple and useful presentation tool that helps you project slideshows
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Easislides is a small presentation program that helps you present and project lyrics, prayers or any other texts, including ones written by yourself. The projection can be made in two different languages simultaneously, which makes this software very useful especially in an international meeting. The program can also be used to project lyrics for the church chorus.

On the background of the projection you can use beautiful landscape photos from Easislides database or from your own photo collection. The program also allows you to play audio and video files. You can also edit the font and position of the displayed texts.

This program also enables you to print the prayers or the other texts and to generate a HTML report that you can use to publish the prayers, lyrics or other texts to a website.

Easislides is a free program that comes with more options than a paid program and it is made to come in your help when you need a presentation tool that you can use to project prayers or Bible lyrics in your church or at religious meetings.

Abbie Crang
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